Children’s Relief Bethlehem – who we are

Children’s Relief Bethlehem is an international ecclesiastical aid agency supporting the people in need in the Holy Land based on the Gospel. We provide help for children and mothers and thus commit to a sustainable, holistic and social development.

In our work, we take into account the political realities in the Holy Land and support all efforts leading to social justice and peace. Building bridges of solidarity and of mutual understanding between people is one of our main priorities.

Children’s Relief Bethlehem upholds the goals that were set and initiated by Father Ernst Schnydrig, who was the founder of the Caritas Baby Hospital, and his work. «We are here» – this is our deep-rooted conviction. By social and charitable activities we promote understanding and peace amongst the peoples and the different religions and religious denominations in the Holy Land.

Children’s Relief Bethlehem is the umbrella organization of Caritas Baby Hospital in Bethle-hem. This is the central project we are committed to. Furthermore we are committed to pro-jects for children, mothers, and their families in the Holy Land who are suffering from health and social disadvantages.

We are building relationships with institutions pursuing similar objectives.

The Association Children’s Relief Bethlehem is governed by Swiss Law of Association. It is an independent legal entity.

Children’s Relief Bethlehem – what we want

Children’s Relief Bethlehem wants to help alleviate and resolve the suffering of children and mothers. Health prevention, promotion of basic education of children and young people, and empowerment, namely of women, to comprehensive self-help are the main focus points.

As the umbrella organization of Caritas Baby Hospital, we provide the necessary framework conditions for the baby hospital, so that it can fulfill its task as a leading health center for babies and children. We commit to creating good working conditions and we promote the spirit of performance, while leaving room for responsible behavior as well as for the professional and personal development of the employees.

Children’s Relief Bethlehem understands its work in Bethlehem as a sign of a Christian pres-ence in the Holy Land and as a testimony of a practiced Christian Faith. We put the human being and its dignity, namely the protection of human life, at the center of our actions. Our activities reach out to all the suffering and disadvantaged people, irrespective of their nationality and religion. Our particular attention is directed at the local Christians.