Learning magic at the CBH

Little Sereen was totally amazed. Just as she stuffed a red cloth into a velvet bag, Dr. Love, known as Mr. Lucia Corradin in real life, pulled a yellow cloth out of the same bag.

These and similar tricks had been learned by the Clinic Clowns from the Caritas Baby Hospital during a two-day magic workshop, which had just come to an end.

They were then proud to show off these newly acquired skills during a performance in the playroom. The children were thrilled and couldn’t believe their eyes. Especially when the Italian magic instructor and workshop leader, Ms Adriano Appollonio, pulled a never-ending piece of string out of her mouth or one of the clowns coloured in a blank colouring book using pretend drawing movements. Out of pure fascination the young patients forgot about their illnesses and pain for a few moments. This, together with the children’s sparkling eyes, was the biggest compliment that could be paid for the successful performance and voluntary involvement of the eight Clinic Clowns at the Caritas Baby Hospital.